Home Hardware Restoration and Refurbishment

At the New Lynn, Auckland factory of Progressive Polishers and Electroplaters, we are able to polish, recoat, and sometimes repair items of home hardware so they look like new again.

If you are restoring an old home, or want a great look in your new home, having home fittings and hardware that sparkles can make all the difference. We are able to restore household hardware, including items such as:

  • Home Hardware Restorationhouse numbers and letterbox slots
  • door knobs and handles
  • cupboard knobs and handles
  • door knockers
  • window casements, latches and hinges
  • almost any house fitting that is made of metal

Brass Polishing – lacquering brass

Whether you are restoring a villa or renovating a more modern property, you will come across a lot of brass hardware fittings, some of them antique. We can complete your renovation by returning these items of household hardware to their original look by polishing the brass or lacquering it.

Other metal finishes available

If brass isn’t the look you want or you need a change of colour to retain that authentic villa look, we can change your household hardware to a number of finishes. Alternatively you may want to colour coordinate the fittings in your home. We have a number of metal finishes available, including:

  • satin nickel
  • satin chrome
  • bronze, or
  • antique bronze

Repairing household hardware

House fittings aren’t always easy to repair. If you have a broken house fitting and can’t replace it, bring it into the Progressive Polishers and Electroplaters factory at New Lynn, Auckland and we will see if we can restore it.

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