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Recoating and Polishing for Window Hardware

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Home Restoration Hardware

Window hardware polishing

A big part of home renovation is getting your place looking great, including restoring and polishing metal surfaces so they look close to new again. Progressive Polishers & Electroplaters offer a complete metal-plating service for home renovation projects including the all-important window hardware.

This includes recoating any metal surface from large ornaments to individual screws. Your metal surfaces and hardware will look great.

Window Hardware Restoration

One of the most common pieces of hardware brought to us by renovators is window hardware including:

  • Window latches
  • Window handles
  • Hinges and screws

Bring your window hardware to us and we will strip any paint residue, recoat in the metal finish of your choice, and polish it to the desired colour and finish. If you break any screws when removing your hardware, don’t worry – buy new screws and we can coat them to look like the rest.

The most common colour for renovations of this type is brass, although copper is becoming quite fashionable. Finishing can be in a satin or mirror finish.

We can also lacquer your completed materials, although this is not recommended these days.

Other Home Restoration Hardware

Other common home hardware brought in for restoration includes:

  • Letterbox flaps
  • Letterbox numbers
  • Door hardware
  • Light fittings and light reflectors
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Kitchen fittings

We even restore chef’s pots and pans. If you have expensive potware, you’ll know that there comes a time when it will need re-tinning. We will refurbish your copper pots for the fraction of the cost of a new one.

Why Restore the Hardware Around your Home?

The advantages to recoating your existing hardware when renovating include:

  1. You will save money – recoating existing metal hardware for your home renovation is about two-thirds the cost of buying new
  2. You will find it easier to refit – by using renewed hardware, when you come to put it back in place, all the screw holes will line up
  3. You are helping save the planet – reusing fittings from around your home is environmentally friendly and that’s good for us all!

Finally, you can choose your own colour and finish. All metal plating colours are available, including: brass, copper, chrome, nickel, gold, electroless nickel, silver, black chrome, satin chrome, bronze, antique, zinc, black zinc, gold passivate, and olive drab. You can choose from a satin or mirror finish.

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