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Metal Electroplating & Chrome Plating Auckland

Progressive Polishers and Electroplaters Ltd are Auckland’s electroplating experts. We use both rack electroplating and barrel plating systemswith coatings and thicknesses that can be varied to suit your specific application.  That means, no electroplating job is too big and no electroplating job is too small.

Progressive Polishers and Electroplaters Ltd have been servicing Auckland’s electroplating needs for over 50 years.

We provide a high-quality electroplating service to commercial, industrial and domestic clients and offer a full range of metal finishes

Electroplating Metal Finishes

We can electroplate almost any metal with almost any high quality metal finish.  While the most commonly electroplated metals are steel and cast iron, we can electroplate with a large range of metals including:

  • Steel plating
  • Stainless Steel plating
  • Brass plating
  • Bronze Castings plating
  • Copper plating
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminium plating
  • Zinc Die-Cast
  • Re-Chroming

Barrel plating Auckland

Barrel plating is used for smaller items such as screws, nuts and bolts. We have small barrels for smaller runs, e.g. screws from a domestic renovation project; and large barrels for commercial runs.

We do barrel plating of:

  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Zinc plating
  • Black zinc
  • Gold passivate
  • Olive dabb

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Copper plating - kettle

Copper Plating

Commercial and Household

chrome plating auckland

Chrome Plating

Commercial and Household

silver jewelry plating

Silver Plating

Commercial and Household

Brass electroplating

Metal Plating

Commercial and Household

gold electroplating auckland

Gold Plating

Commercial and Household

Plating Options

chrome plated boat fixtures

Commercial & Industrial Electroplating Service

We supply a variety of electroplating services to a growing number of commercial and industrial customers, including clients in the hardware, construction, sheet metal and automotive industries.

Typical commercial electroplating projects include: hardware components, screws and fasteners, general hardware, electrical switch gear, shop-fittings, automotive parts, marine parts, etc.

Domestic Electroplating Service

Residential metal electroplating usually involves one of three types of goods:

Much of the domestic electroplating we do is remedial/restoration work of sentimental items.  We also do a lot of work for household renovations, e.g. electroplating screws or hinges to match existing house hardware.

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