Hardware Electroplating

Progressive Polishers & Electroplaters are specialists in the electroplating of all types of hardware fasteners including: manufacturers runs of nuts, bolts and screws. This includes:

  • Metal coating of screws,
  • Metal coating of nuts and bolts,
  • Metal coating of all hardware fasteners.

Manufacturing Runs – Hardware Fastening Metal Coating

We can handle any run size; from one-offs to large manufacturing runs. Run sizes can be from very small numbers, to thousands of units at a time.

Electroplating coating surfaces include:

  • Nickel
  • Zinc
  • Black
  • Olive drab
  • Gold passivate
  • Wash compliant blue passivate
  • And more…

No manufacturer’s run is too small or too large.

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What Are My Finishing options?

Copper Plating
Chrome Plating
Silver Plating
Brass Plating
Gold Plating

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