Silver Polishing and Restoration

At Progressive Polishers and Electroplaters, our specialist in-house silversmith is able to revitalise your silver treasures and have them looking like new again.

We can polish, repair, or recoat almost any article of silver, including:

  • silver dinner setssilver jewellery
  • silver dinner sets
  • silver cutlery sets
  • large and small silver trays or punch bowls
  • silver coffee and tea pots
  • silver trophies, cups and awards
  • anything made of sterling silver

Re-polishing silver

Over a period of time oxidation will cause silver to tarnish and lose its shine.  Don’t be fooled into using a chemical dip to clean your silver.  They can cause irreversible damage.

Our experienced in-house silversmith will polish your silver items and have them shining like new.

Recoating silver – silver plating

The dark areas on the silver items around our home may not because by tarnishing, it could be that the silver has worn away and the item needs to be recoated.

Silver electroplating is one of our specialities.  Our silversmith is able to replate your silver items with up to 20 microns of pure silver – that means after recoating, your silver treasures will last for many years to come.

Repairing sterling silver – restoring sterling silver

Our in-house silversmith can repair and, in some cases, rebuild any damaged item of sterling silver; in fact, we do the silver repairs and silver replating for Walker and Hall Jewellery.

It is easy to damage treasured items.  Don’t assume that they will never look new again.  Bring them into Progressive Polishers and Electroplaters factory in New Lynn, Auckland, and we will give you a quote for a silver repair.

Silver repairs include things such as:

  • missing or broken handles on silver trays or bowls
  • broken silver trophies or silver cups
  • engraving mistakes on silver trophies and silverware
  • dents in silverware
  • bent silver cutlery etc.

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