Our Electroplating & Metal polishing Services Auckland

In our West Auckland polishing and electroplating workshop we are able to transform all types of metal.

Whether it is for decorative or protective purposes; whether it is an commercial run or a one off polishing or lacquering job, our metal restoration and protection experience and expertise make us Auckland’s foremost polishing and electroplating company.

Metal polishing Auckland

chrome polishingAt Progressive we provide a full metal polishing service for all types of metal including:

We polish anything metallic including:

  • automotive parts
  • marine fittings
  • house hardware and fittings
  • cups and trophies
  • family heirlooms

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Electroplating Auckland

Electroplating involves using an electronic reaction to coat an object with a desired metal for either decorative or protective purposes.

At Progressive Polishers and Electroplaters we provide a full electroplating service for all types of metal including:

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Other services

We provide a complete polishing, plating, coating, lacquering service for all metal surfaces.  No job is too big or too small.  Other services include:

Barrel plating Auckland

For smaller jobs we use our barrel plating method of metal recoating – that means no item is too small.

Heat baked finish

Heat baked clear enamel finish for all copper and brass items.

Watch and clock restoration

We work in conjunction with Precision Watches, New Lynn, to restore watches and clocks back to near new.

Precision take care of the stripping, watch cleaning and any repairs that are required. We replate the watch or clock outer casing.

From the largest Grandfather clocks to the oldest pocket watches or modern wrist watches.

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